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Visit "The Blacksmith"! We're known to frequent the Fryeburg Fair, the Maine Renaissance Faire, Deerfield Fair, Ossippee Valley Fair, and do Spring demonstrations at Biddeford Vocational School. Stop by the booth to see us perform our craft live!

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We are passionate about keeping our craft alive by educating. Join us for a class where we can teach you how to hand forge your own cooking utensils for you to take home! We can customize the learning experience for small classes or a more comprehensive, one-on-one apprenticeship.

Never fear competition. If someone wants to learn blacksmithing, teach them. You will accomplish two things. First, you will uphold the standard of the trade by teaching an apprentice proper techniques. Second, if someone tries blacksmithing and does not pursue it they will at least have an appreciation of the craft and we commonly refer to these people as customers.


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